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Azure Summit Technology | Offshore Oil Industry Technology with Oil Rig

Azure Summit’s RF rugged embedded software-defined radios (SWITCHBLADE SDRs), covering 1 MHz to 20 GHz, offer a versatile solution for asset protection in critical sectors. Their durability ensures operation in challenging environments, ideal for shipping ports, airfields, and government buildings. Adaptability allows integration with varied communication protocols, gathering data from Wi-Fi to cellular networks. This enables comprehensive data collection, enhancing security insights.

For asset protection, SWITCHBLADE SDRs’ real-time data processing aids swift threat detection. Integrated with motion sensors and GPS devices, they establish virtual boundaries, triggering alerts during unauthorized breaches. In remote areas, such as airfields, SWITCHBLADE SDRs ensure secure communication with limited infrastructure.

SWITCHBLADE SDRs support surveillance by integrating with sensors, drones, and surveillance systems. For government buildings, real-time analysis of data from various sources enhances monitoring, ensuring proactive responses to evolving situations.