Azure Summit’s SWITCHBLADE software-defined radios represent a game-changing solution for a wide spectrum of defense applications. With their robustness, adaptability, real-time communication capabilities, and wide frequency coverage, SWITCHBLADE SDRs are poised to revolutionize the defense sector by enhancing situational awareness, communication, and intelligence gathering.

Open Architecture Program of Record Solutions

Azure Summit offers tailored solutions to address your Program of Record requirements. By harnessing Commercial-Off-The-Shelf technology and adhering to industry standards, Azure Summit can guide you seamlessly from initial concept to swift prototype development and ultimately, full deployment.

Wireless Communication

Azure Summit’s SWITCHBLADE family of Software Defined Radios (SWITCHBLADE SDR) harnesses cutting-edge software-defined radio technology. The SWITCHBLADE SDRs enable seamless integration of a diverse array of wireless communication protocols, setting them apart from traditional hardware-based systems.

Critical Asset Protection

Azure Summit’s robust rugged embedded Switchblade software-defined radios, present a formidable solution not only for asset protection applications across critical sectors like shipping ports, airfields, and industrial facilities.

LEO Satellite Communications (SatCom)

Azure Summit’s SWITCHBLADE software-defined radios present a transformative solution for the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications (SATCOM) sector. SWITCHBLADE SDRs revolutionize LEO SATCOM by enhancing connectivity, data throughput, and satellite operation efficiency.

Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis

Azure Summit’s cutting-edge SWITCHBLADE software-defined radios provide indispensable support for industrial spectrum monitoring and analysis by providing adaptability, broad frequency coverage, real-time data processing, and embedded capabilities.

Radio Astronomy

Azure Summit’s advanced SWITCHBLADE software-defined emerges as a transformative force poised to significantly elevate the capabilities of the radio astronomy industry through adaptability, sensitivity, and real-time data processing prowess.


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your premier provider of high-performance RF electronics hardware, firmware, software and systems. We provide critical solutions for the future of US Defense and other customers through our leading capabilities in RF with applications well beyond today’s landscape. With our cutting-edge SWITCHBLADE Transceiver family and Mission Systems solutions, we enable affordable, rapid delivery of the latest technology to our customers. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to innovation set us apart from the competition.


Azure Summit Technology has a rich heritage of developing highly advanced RF board and systems solutions. Our products are deployed on numerous airborne and maritime Programs of Record platforms. Azure’s SWITCHBLADE Software Defined Radios (SWITCHBLADE SDRs) operate over wideband frequency ranges and find a variety of commercial and military applications due to their flexibility and adaptability. Explore our website to discover how our state-of-the-art, open architecture products can revolutionize your operations.



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