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Azure Summit Technology is a highly agile RF engineering company, with locations in Fairfax, Virginia and Melbourne, Florida, that develops and delivers high-performance RF hardware, firmware, and software products, and innovative, practical, RF mission system solutions that deliver critical capabilities addressing high priority existing and emerging missions for Program of Record and other programs and platforms. We are a diverse team of highly qualified RF systems engineers and mission subject matter experts (SMEs) with backgrounds in electrical, mechanical, RF, hardware, software, firmware and systems engineering, working together within a creative, innovative, and highly collaborative culture, to deliver cutting edge solutions for our customers. We are problem solvers with a passion to succeed who bring our unique perspectives and diverse experiences together to successfully address our customers’ toughest challenges.

Azure Summit Technology provides a wide range of multi-channel software defined radio solutions for applications including wireless communication, critical asset protection, satellite communications, spectral monitoring & analysis, radio astronomy, and defense. Systems can be tailored to meet a variety of requirements for bandwidth, dynamic range, number of channels, and computational resources. Supported platforms range from resource-constrained small UAVs and wearable devices to manned aircraft and submarines. Azure also offers innovative signal processing solutions to challenging problems in the realm of radio frequency spectrum awareness.

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